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Installing OpenID Connect and upgrading your subscriptions management systems are necessary before you can start setting up OpenAthens Keystone.


Make sure you have access credentials for OpenAthens Keystone for

You will also need to create a test account. You can do that at using the same credentials as OpenAthens Keystone. See OpenAthens test accounts in our documentation for more advanced test account options.

Check our documentation for guidance on where to start. 

Joining an identity federation 

Using OpenAthens Keystone you have a number of options available to you:

  • Use Keystone to join the OpenAthens Federation
  • Use Keystone to join other national identity federations around the world
  • Use your own software to join the OpenAthens Federation

Here is an illustration of the exchange of information between your platform and your institutional customers (identity providers).

Digram of information flowing from the platform to the identity provider and back via keystone and the OpenAthens federation

Our documentation offers guidance on how to complete the setup.

One to one SAML connection (1-2-1 connection)

Some institutional customers may want to establish a direct SAML connection and you can manage those connections with OpenAthens Keystone.

Here is an illustration of the exchange of information in those cases.

Diagram of data exchange from your platform and your customer using OpenAthens Keystone in a one to one connection scenario

Our documentation offer guidance on how to complete the setup.

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If you have a question about onboarding, please get in touch with your onboarding lead. If you are not sure who that is, send us an email at