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Publisher onboarding step by step

There are a number of different information sources from OpenAthens to assist with the setup process. This website is a good place to start as it will take you through it step by step. 

This guide is also relevant for publishers and service providers using Shibboleth. If your content is hosted by a platform provider, they will be best place to help you implement OpenAthens. 

Get in touch if you have any questions about the onboarding or what to expect.  

Step one

Platform assessment

The first step to successfully adopting OpenAthens is an assessment of your own platform.

Step two

Platform upgrade

The assessment done in step one will tell us whether changes need to be made to your platform before proceeding further

Step three

OpenAthens Keystone setup

Once you have made the necessary changes to your platform and subscriptions management system you can start the Keystone configuration.

Step four

Add OpenAthens Wayfinder

OpenAthens Wayfinder is our institutional discovery service.

Step five

Go live

We will go through a final test with you before completing the OpenAthens Keystone setup.

Step six

Enable access

Setup access for subscribing libraries already using OpenAthens.  

Identity and access management explained

How does OpenAthens work?

Learners and researchers around the world use OpenAthens to access online services remotely.

Have a question?

Get in touch with your implementation team

If you have a question about onboarding, please get in touch with your onboarding lead. If you are not sure who that is, send us an email at