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Who needs to be involved?

Your IT manager needs to be involved at the beginning of the OpenAthens onboarding.

Your IT manager will help integrate OpenAthens with one of your organization’s directories allowing you to use the credentials already stored within your own systems to provide user access to OpenAthens, rather than creating new accounts.

OpenAthens can recognize and map any attribute when user accounts are created by connecting to a directory like ADFS or Azure AD. If you want to expand your reporting capability you will need to specify your requirements with your IT teams as they will probably need to do some work on their end. We are happy to help with the set up that’s required on the OpenAthens admin side.

Reporting on attributes such as Job role, Cost center, Department, Major etc. depends on your specific needs and technical capabilities.

Head of library services, library dean or director, e-resources manager, library technical support, library systems or library IT will also need to be involved.

If needed you may also choose to assign an OpenAthens lead to help coordinate the with all stakeholders during the onboarding. That may or may not be the OpenAthens admin, who will be responsible for OpenAthens once it is operational. 

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